Several decades ago, asbestos was commonly used in construction materials such as insulation boards, cement, floors and tiles. This is not surprising: Asbestos encompasses fire-proofing, reinforcing and insulating capacities all in one. As the years passed, however, more and more people began to link asbestos with health issue. Nowadays, asbestos is nicknamed the “silent killer” and its use has become more restricted than ever.

Fortunately, with the reduced use of asbestos comes a lower tolerance for it. As the population begins to become aware of the dangers associated with it, the need to remove it from their house becomes more urgent than ever. If you live in Calgary and are worried about the negative effects associated with asbestos, Platinum Disaster Restoration can help you. We are a company that specializes in Calgary asbestos abatement and remediation. We will ensure to eliminate it completely from your house—and what’s more, we will do it in a way that is both safe and affordable.

So what exactly is asbestos? And why was it nicknamed the “silent killer”? Quite simply, asbestos is a generic name that is given to fibrous minerals that are naturally found in rock formations. The reasons why those fibers were so popular in the construction industry is because they are both strong and fire-proof. Generally, asbestos can be broken down into two categories: amphibole and chrysotile.

If you own a home, the type of asbestos that you should be most worried about is the former. While the danger of asbestos does not depend on its quantity (in fact it’s not dangerous if it’s tightly bound), amphibole asbestos that is easily friable was often used in buildings up until a few decades ago. When those fibers are inhaled, they tend to stay in the lungs for much longer than chrysotile asbestos. The longer you are exposed to them, the higher the risk of developing cancer and asbestosis will be.

This is why we urge you call on the help of professionals such as Platinum Disaster Restoration if you suspect asbestos to be present around your house. We provide cost-effective and reliable asbestos remediation services that you can rely on. There is a reason why the use of asbestos has become more restricted than ever—don’t become another number by protecting yourself before it’s too late.