Whether you are needing an Edmonton insurance broker or Calgary insurance broker, Sharp Insurance is setting the standard for brokers in Western Canada.  They are taking the old, traditional insurance industry and making it fresh, innovative, and exciting.  There’s no question that the verdict is in and customers are demanding a new approach to insurance that makes it easier for them.

Looking for the best Edmonton car insurance rates?

No problem… Sharp has you covered!  Or maybe you are looking for the best Calgary car insurance rates?  Again, no problem… Sharp has you covered!   In fact, no matter where you live in Albera, Sharp Insurance will make sure you get the best rates.

Plus, when you use Sharp you get to have a mobile app that provides you access to your policies and pink slip with a click of a button!  You should visit their website to learn more.  Sharp will be unveiling their new website the beginning of May… it is a fresh, new look.  Make sure you check back then!

SHARP Insurance
Address: 1000 Centre St N #100, Calgary, AB T2E 7W6, Canada
Phone:+1 403-590-2008
Hours: 8:30 am – 8:00 pm (most days)