You might as well get your Calgary basement developed or renovated – it is only going to get your house more money when you sell it!  Plus, you can enjoy it during all the time you live there so it is only a win/win.

Most people think about getting their kitchen renovated or bathrooms but very few people realize how much a basement is actually used or will be used once it looks really nice and people enjoy being down there.

That is why you need to consider hiring a really good Calgary basement development company.  Recently, we had an estimate from PLANiT Builders and we absolutely LOVED the experience.  One of the owners, Mike, did our estimate and he did a fantastic job.  They have this pricing sheet that lets you see exactly what your basement will cost.

You should really consider giving them all call and just seeing their presentation.  One of the biggest reasons I didn’t even consider renovating my basement is because we couldn’t afford it.  But, they have financing which is great – in fact, they are one of the only companies who do financing for basement development in Calgary!